Nullables Livestream #15: Test Design

In this weekly livestream series, I pair up with Ted M. Young, aka jitterted, to look at Nullables and A-Frame Architecture as an alternative to Mocks, Spies, and Hexagonal Architecture. Each episode combines a healthy dose of architecture and design discussion with hands-on coding.

In this episode...

Following our time-honored tradition, we spend as much time talking about design and coding practices as we do making progress on the code. We talk about design and refactoring principles, stengths and weaknesses of object-oriented design, and immutable vs. mutable state.

We make some progress on migrating our GameService to use the GameDatabase abstraction, too. It’s surprisingly difficult: the current tests use a fake to simulate the database, and our new Nullable GameDatabase doesn’t behave the same way. This leads to some discoveries about how to improve the tests’ design.

Visit the episode archive for more.

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