Nullables Livestream #19: For the Win

In this weekly livestream series, I pair up with Ted M. Young, aka jitterted, to look at Nullables and A-Frame Architecture as an alternative to Mocks, Spies, and Hexagonal Architecture. Each episode combines a healthy dose of architecture and design discussion with hands-on coding.

In this episode...

The final episode of the season! We finish converting the Yacht code from using mocks, stubs, and fakes to using Nullables. This reveals a bug in our database code. We had missed a test of our deserialization logic, but a VueController test triggered the same bug. It was only caught because we used Nullables. Sociable tests for the win!

In addition to finishing up our work on Yacht, we also have our usual conversations about software development and design. This week, we discuss estimation, testing styles, deadlines, and more.

And that ends the season. We’ll be back in two weeks with a brand new codebase and an interesting new problem.

Visit the episode archive for more.

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