AI Chronicles #3: Fail Faster

In this weekly livestream series, Ted M. Young and I build an AI-powered role-playing game using React, Spring Boot, and Nullables. And, of course, plenty of discussion about design, architecture, and effective programming practices.

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In this episode...

In a coding-heavy episode, we wrap up our OpenAiClient wrapper. Along the way, a confusing test failure inspires us to make our code fail faster. Then, in the final half hour of the show, we implement a placeholder front-end web site and make plans to connect it to the back end.


  • Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation (0:14)
  • Coaching Teams (14:26)
  • OpenAiClient Recap (20:36)
  • Failing OpenAiClient Test (27:54)
  • Parse the OpenAI Response (38:55)
  • OpenAiResponseBody DTO (54:37)
  • OpenAI Documentation (1:04:43)
  • Self-Documenting OpenAI (1:10:27)
  • Back to Parsing the OpenAI Response (1:13:48)
  • A Confusing Test Failure (1:21:07)
  • Fail Faster (1:26:47)
  • Guard Clauses (1:54:38)
  • Manually Test OpenAiClient (2:00:47)
  • The DTO Testing Gap (2:14:35)
  • Our Next Story (2:19:43)
  • Front-End Walkthrough (2:25:47)
  • Placeholder Front-End (2:28:01)
  • Integrate (2:41:31)
  • Debrief (2:45:29)

Source code

Visit the episode archive for more.

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