AI Chronicles #5: fetch() Wraps

In this weekly livestream series, Ted M. Young and I build an AI-powered role-playing game using React, Spring Boot, and Nullables. And, of course, plenty of discussion about design, architecture, and effective programming practices.

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In this episode...

It’s an eventful episode as we start off with a discussion of event sourcing, event-driven code, event storming, and more. Then we return to working on our fetch() wrapper. We factor our test-based prototype into a real production class, clean up the tests, and add TypeScript types.


  • Event Sourcing (0:22)
  • Event-Driven Code (11:11)
  • Event Storming (23:30)
  • The Original Sin of Software Scaling (27:23)
  • Refactoring Events (28:45)
  • Naming Conventions (32:47)
  • Java 21 (42:08)
  • Inappropriate Abstractions (44:25)
  • Let’s Do Some Coding (53:01)
  • Design the fetch() Wrapper (56:34)
  • Factor Out HttpClient (1:17:41)
  • Add TypeScript Types (1:23:40)
  • Node/TypeScript Incompatibility (1:39:52)
  • Clean Up the Tests (1:58:36)
  • Close SpyServer with Extreme Prejudice (2:05:06)
  • Back to Cleaning Up Tests (2:11:08)
  • Debrief (2:32:22)

Source code

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