AI Chronicles #6: Output Tracker

In this weekly livestream series, Ted M. Young and I build an AI-powered role-playing game using React, Spring Boot, and Nullables. And, of course, plenty of discussion about design, architecture, and effective programming practices.

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In this episode...

We continue working on our front end. After some conversation about working in small steps, we turn our attention to BackEndClient, our front-end wrapper for communication to the back-end server. We start out by writing a test to define the back-end API, then modify our HttpClient wrapper to track requests. By the end of the episode, we have the back-end requests tested and working.


  • Program Note (0:12)
  • Multi-Step Refactorings (2:26)
  • Work in Small Steps (6:31)
  • Evaluating Complexity (11:11)
  • Collaborative Development (19:04)
  • Continuous Improvement (25:24)
  • Fixing the Typechecker (28:02)
  • Today’s Plan (31:11)
  • James Shore’s Housecleaning Tips (33:03)
  • Build the BackEndClient (35:59)
    • Sidebar: Delaying Good Code (38:48)
    • End sidebar (41:41)
  • Make HttpClient Nullable (51:02)
    • Sidebar: Tuple (58:48)
    • End sidebar (1:00:29)
  • Stubbing the fetch() Response (1:09:24)
    • Sidebar: In-Browser Testing (1:26:37)
  • Build OutputListener (1:28:00)
  • Request Tracking (1:55:04)
    • Sidebar: Sidebar: Lint Error (2:12:54)
    • End sidebar (2:16:50)
  • Back to the BackEndClient (2:33:51)
  • Debrief (2:44:23)

Source code

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