Livestream: Nullables and A-Frame Architecture with Ted M. Young

Tuesdays from 2-5pm Pacific, I’m livecoding on Twitch with Ted M. Young, aka jitterted. We’re going to be looking at Nullables and A-Frame Architecture as an alternative to Mocks, Spies, and Hexagonal Architecture. Should be a good time. Join us if you like to get down and dirty with technical details.

December 6

In our next session, we’ll look at the HttpAverageScoreFetcher and HttpScoreCategoryNotifier classes. These adapters are part of Ted’s implementation of Hexagonal Architecture: they retrieve and store data from a separate “Yacht Tracker” service. We’ll make the adapters nullable, and if we have time, convert them from Hexagonal Architecture to A-Frame Architecture.

Episode Recordings

Find recordings of past episodes here.

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